My name is Scott Turner Schofield. Welcome to my world.

I am an excellent actor, a great teacher, a good writer, and a powerful personality. I’m out to do good and I want to take my talents to the next level.

So far I’ve been lucky enough to learn from some heavy hitters in many fields:

Amy Ray of the Indigo Girls taught me how to be an artist and an activist at the same time.

Penny Arcade, Holly Hughes, Carmelita Tropicana, Tim Miller, and Peggy Shaw gave me the inside scoop on how to make your own work about social issues, and the true importance of the First Amendment.

I’ve honed my craft with the masters at SITI Company and DAH Teatar in Belgrade, and I spent a year touring within the National Theater system of France under the direction of Eric Vigner.

My writing teachers boast a Pulizer Prize (David Kranes, Natasha Trethewey) and a National Book Award (Ha Jin); one is a Nobel Laureate (Wole Soyinka) and another the Poet Laureate of the United States (Natasha Trethewey). In college I received a prize for non-fiction writing from Adrienne Rich.

When I received the Princess Grace Award for Acting, Ruth Maleczech of Mabou Mines told me “I fought for you. You’re a real artist.”

Those are just the folks you may know by name. I have been blessed with amazing teachers throughout my life since pre-school who taught me to be who I am proudly, always do my best, and achieve my own excellence. Check out our Mutual Admiration Society.

In between artistic gigs, I teach about Transgender* identity, bullying, and being yourself no matter what to youth groups and universities, and adults in corporate America. Along with the tireless efforts of local advocates, my workshops catalyzed major policy changes for Trans* people at the University of Central Florida and the University of Illinois - the 2nd and 4th largest public schools in the country, respectively.

I am a connector. I have worked as an artistic director as well as an internationally touring artist and I take every opportunity to introduce artists to new frontiers. Like this program I started in Alaska that received major funding, or this blog I write about the artists I work with.

Moving forward, I want to star and co-star in TV and film because it’s the biggest way to perform - and I’m all about big performances. Doing that work increases the visibility of all the other work I do: makes me one Google search away for the little girl who know’s he’s really a boy - or that kid’s mom who knows it too. Any celebrity draws out college students deciding whether to go to a workshop on how to be a Trans* ally, or to a frat party. I want to be an out Trans* person who hits it big in mainstream entertainment, because I’ve got the chops, I know how to spread the love responsibly, and because I’m in this for the good of my community as a whole.

I need champions to make this happen: administrators who ask me to help make change in their schools or offices; directors who dig my look and my big backstory; casting directors who understand the value of diversity on screen and know where to put me.

So, contact me. Let me show you what I can do for you.

Booking Scott Turner Schofield

Scott Turner Schofield is an award-winning performer and highly acclaimed diversity speaker on Transgender issues. Inviting a presentation, workshop, reading or performance guarantees high-level, in-depth exploration of the T in GBLTQ aimed at welcoming beginners, affirming communities, and equipping advocates. At least, that’s what university administrators, artistic directors, and HR departments have been saying for over a decade now.

To book directly, please contact Jean Caiani at SpeakOut! - jean@speakoutnow.org

For questions or inquiries, email BookTransPerformance@gmail.com